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OWL2XmlRefAlign v.1.1

OWL2XmlRefAlign Tool is a simple tool that transforms an OWL ontology that has been created by:

a) the import of a Source and a Target OWL ontology, and
b) the manual alignments between classes of Source and Target ontologies i.e. equivalent axioms and subsumptions.

The Alignments ontology is created by following a manual process (explained below). The OWL2XmlRefAlign tool parses the Alignments ontology and transforms the alignments into a new format based on the Alignment API (OAEI).

The reference alignments (refalign.rdf) have been constructed by manually creating a merged ontology for each pair of source ontologies as follows:

1. Import the two source ontologies
2. Manually introduce equivalences between classes of the two imported ontologies
3. Classify classes in the final ontology
4. Introduce additional subsumption relations
5. The resulting ontology is translated to equivalence and subsumption mappings that involve classes with different URIs to the RDF rendered of the Alignment API (RDFRendererVisitor)

As an additional feature, in order to be able to utilize arguments upon the alignments, tt is important to use our related namespace (http://ai-lab-webserver.aegean.gr/ai-lab/oaei2011/alignArguments.rdf) in order to annotate your alignments (similar to our refalign.rdf files provided)!!! Use this annotation property to add arguments for each alignment you produce (subsumption axiom). The OWL2RefAlign tool is looking for this annotation in the generated OWL file and copies its value to the corresponding RefAlign cell ('about' field).

- Java 1.6.x

- An OWL file is placed in the root directory for testing the tool

Contact Person:
- K. Kotis (kotis@aegean.gr)