Recent Research Activities & Projects

Semantic Matchmaking of WSDL Web Services

Student: Mr. Fragkiskos Dimitrokalis

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Semantic Wiki-based Argumentation in Collaborative Ontology engineering

Students: Kostas Zoumpatianos and Nikos Pappas

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WIQ-EI: Web Information Quality - Evaluation Initiative (FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IRSES)

Development of Web Content Information Qualit Measures
Plagiarism Detection and Authorship Attribution
Multilingual Opinion and Sentiment Mining

The mission of WIQ-EI is to develop mechanisms for estimating the quality of textual Web documents and to evaluate these mechanisms for their effectiveness and efficiency. This will be done on a global scale by organising researcher exchanges between renowned organisations from European and third countries which have their expertise in topic relevant fields. WIQs motivation starts from the observation, that today’s information and data pools on the Web focus on the quantity of information rather than its quality; a fact observable through the increasing size of the blogosphere, the number of growing artificially created data, the well established copy & paste syndrome, the lack of semantically enriched data as well as the intentional and unintentional information misuse. The assessment of the quality of information is especially important because decisions are often based on information from multiple and sometimes unknown sources, though, the reliability and accuracy of the information is questionable. However, the web lacks quality dependent filter mechanisms, automatic identification of misuse patterns, as well as tools to establish user trust in information and authors. Given this motivation, WIQ-EI aims at the development of mechanisms to automatically estimate information quality aspects, which is inexpensive, complete and can be performed continuously to cope with large amounts of data. Thus, WIQ-EI will result in a set of algorithms, tools and test data sets to estimate the quality of textual Web documents and evaluate the algorithmic effectiveness and efficiency.
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