ICAGENT: Towards a Generic Framework for the development of Intelligent Collaborative Agents

By georgev - Posted on 10 January 2010


Several agent frameworks have been proposed for developing intelligent software agents and multi-agent systems that are able to perform in dynamic environments. These frameworks and architectures exploit specific reasoning tasks (such as option selection, desire filtering, plan elaboration and means-end reasoning) that support agents to react, deliberate and/or interact/cooperate with other agents. Such reasoning tasks are realized by means of specific modules that agents may trigger according to circumstances, switching their behaviour between predefined discrete behavioural modes. Developments in the context of this project aim to provide facilities so as the non-layered BDI-architecture of ICagent to support performance in dynamic and unpredictable multi-agent environments through efficient balancing between behavioural modes in a continuous space. This space is circumscribed by the purely (individual) reactive, the purely (individual) deliberative and the social deliberative behavioural modes. ICagent relates agent’s flexible behaviour to cognition and sociability, supporting the management of plans constructed by the agent’s mental and domain actions in a coordinated manner.

This is a continuation of the work done by Vangelis Kourakos-Mavromichalis: Via this project we aim to the full implementation, validation and empirical testing of a generic framework for building collaborative agents.
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