Dr Stamatis G. Skoutas

Born 1949, Samos, Greece,
Doctor of General/Familial Medicine,

Current positions

  • Director of the Health Centre of Samos, Karlovasi, Samos, Greece.

  • Chairman of the Aegean Institute of Health

  • Vice-president of EURIPA (European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association)


  • Graduated from the Medical and Surgical School of the University of Milan, 1978. Italy (Dissertation title: Suicide and attempted suicide of foreigners in Italy).

  • Graduated in the Speciality of General Medicine, University of Athens 1984.

Career history


Municipal adviser to the Municipality Karlovasi Samos: promoted health development work at the Karlovasi Health Centre and the Centre of Open Care for Old People. Also involved in setting up the University of the Aegean’s departments in Samos (Mathematics and Information Systems)


Commissioner and Director Health Centre of Karlovasi, Samos


Coordinated epidemiologic research in the region of Western Samos on the study of dietetic habits of rural population concerning the repercussions of diabetes, in collaboration with the Diabetics Laboratory of Athens Hippocrates Hospital.


Scientific collaborator: Research Laboratory of the Mathematics Department of the University of the Aegean: person in charge from the Karlovasi Health Centre for the research study on the subject: Growth of computer systems for primary health care in the Aegean islands.


Person in charge of pilot health centre development within the framework of the medium-term program of collaboration between Greece and the World Health Organization European Office; Member of the European General Practitioners Workshop of EURIPA


Initiated the development of the “Aegean Health Network (study of feasibility of creation of an organic web of growth of programs of Aegean promotion, with the strategic objective of promoting "Greek Healthy Islands". This objective was adopted by the World Organisation of Health- European office’s programs on Healthy Regions and /Healthy Cities) and is currently the basis for the development of the WHO Healthy Islands Network.


Founded the Aegean Institute of Health – a scientific company focusing on research into health conditions and improvement in the Aegean region. Currently Chairman and Research Director The Aegean institute of Health and a is collaborator of WHO/Euro in the program Regions for Health Network


Chairman of the Samos Prefectoral Committee for Planning of Health Education


Member of research committee of the Greek Company of Gerontology – (Geriatrikis)


Elected vice-president of EURIPA and coordinator of its research committee and Journal.


General administrator of the Amfilissos: river area of cultural inheritance and ecology project.


Elected general administrator of the ANCIENT Mediterranean Ports Programme.


Research leadership: Greek national/local programs:

Since 1994 Dr Skoutas has participated as principal investigator in the following programs:

  • Electronic Health Cards - Study of growth and application of electronic health cards in the Western Samos. (Financed by Central Council of Health Research Programs in Biomedicine, 1994).

  • IMMUSYSTEM - System of follow-up individual and demographic indicators of vaccinations. Program developed in the Prefecture of Samos, (Islands of Samos and Ikaria) involving collaboration of children's health on vaccination (Financed by the Aegean Health Institute)

  • Intensification of Primary Health Care Program on old age in the islands of Prefecture of Samos.

  • Study of Road Accidents in Samos (program METAS)

Research participation in International programs:

Dr Skoutas has participated as senior researcher on primary health care issues in the following programmes:

  • AIM 91-92: Q.U.I.C.H.E project - Quality Assurance of User Informatics for Child Health in Europe.

  • Telematics Services for Islands, EU Tele-Insula programme (UR 1026)

  • WHO/Euro/Regions for Health Network in Europe. Participated as Greek National Representative in the annual European Healthy Regions Meetings (1994 Barcelona, Spain, 1995 Keskemet, Hungary, 1996 Düsseldorf, Germany)

  • Knowledge and attitudes of general practitioners/family physicians towards aids and HIV: time for intervention, European Commission, DG5 DISCUS project 1998-2001

  • He organised annual seminars on health education and prevention of major health problems of health for EU DGXIII, including I Seminar on Cardiac Health in the Aegean, 23-24/6/95 Samos, - II Seminar on Cardiac Health in the Aegean, 21-22/6/96 Lesvos, - I and II Seminars on Health Education in Samos (1995) - I Seminar on Prevention of Cancer 3-4/5/96 Samos,

  • He has organised scientific events on local development, including: The Future of Samos, Conference, Samos 1995; Challenge of Research on Island Development Samos 29/01/98; Samos an European Tele-Island- Tele INSULA International Meeting May 11-12, 1998 Samos

Presentations - speeches in scientific events:

  • Karlovasi Health Centre: prospects of growth, 3rd National Conference of Pilot Health Centres: medium-term program of collaboration of Greece and World Health Organisation/Europe, Thessaloniki, 1986

  • The Aegean Health Network "Hippocrates", 4th National Conference of Pilot Health Centres: medium-term program of collaboration of Greece and World Health Organisation/Europe. Karlovasi, 1987

  • Primary Prevention of diseases and Computer scientist System in the P.F.Y, Conference-presentation, Computer scientist System of Centre of Health Karlovasi November 1987

  • A Prototype method of primary prevention based on health system research: community genetics of nutrition and fitness International Cardiac Health Conference, British Columbia, Canada, May 24 - 28th, 1992

  • Healthy Island initiative, 1st Annual Conference of the WHO European Regions for Health Network (RHN) in Europe, Spain 1993

  • Analytic and administrative forms of action of general practitioners, 6th Pan-Hellenic Congress of General Medicine, Halkidiki, May 1994

  • Healthy Aegean: A strategy for the growth of health in the Aegean. 1st Congress of Medicine and Culture in the Aegean, Chios 1994

  • Methodology of primary prevention, 1st Conference of Mental Health, Halkis 1994

  • Technological infrastructure of Aegean Health Centres Congress, University of Patras, 1994

  • Health Network as a System, Rural health Congress, Wales, UK 1995

  • Sustainable and Healthy Islands. 2nd Annual Conference of the WHO European Regions for Health Network, Keskemet, Hungary, 1994

  • Study of old age in Samos. 4th Pan-Hellenic Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Athens, 14-16 December 1995

  • The utility of telemedicine, Health Meeting "Telemedicine in Greek Islands ", Samos, 1996

  • Mediterranean study of old age. Helios II, 4th Annual Conference of the WHO European Regions for Health Network (RHN) in Europe. Dusseldorf,Germany,1996

  • The decalogue of prevention of cancer: Objectives and expectations. WHO European Regions for Health Network Seminar on Prevention of Cancer in the Aegean, Samos, 1996

  • Promotion of health in the islands of Aegean. Vth Seminar of Cardiac Health in the Aegean, Mytilini, June 1996

  • Methodology of Health Education,Promotion and Prevention in Samos. 1st Seminar of Health Education of Samos, 1995

  • A challenge for initiative: Healthy island - Healthy village - "the Neochori dream" Global Village 3rd International Symposium,Vienna,1997

  • Founding meeting: International Journal of Health Care in Isolated Areas. Founding meeting. EURIPA (European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association) Majorca Spain, 1997.


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