An ontology for the retrieval of Grid Resources and Services in Grid e-Marketplaces

The ontololgy (and the SIS system) was developed in the context of Grid4ALL Eu-funded IST project.

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AUTOMS-F (aligning ontologies)

A. Valarakos, V. Spiliopoulos, K.Kotis, G.A.Vouros “AUTOMS-F: A Java Framework for Synthesizing Ontology Mapping Methods” In Proc. Of the 7th International Conference on Knowledge Management, special track on Knowledge Organisation and Semantic Technologies (KOST' 07), 5-7 September 2007, Gratz Austria.

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SEMA (aligning ontologies)

V. Spiliopoulos, G.A.Vouros, and V. Karkaletsis, "Mapping Ontologies Elements using Features in a Latent Space", In Proc. Of the 2007 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (short paper).

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Multiagent systems

Information Searching and Sharing in Dynamic Large Scale Networks of agents

Task Allocation and Coordination in Large Scale Dynamic Networks of Cooperative Agents

Collaboration in Organized Settings

Building Common Awareness in Agent Organizations

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G4A-SIS - Semantic Information System

Also, have a look at the publications concerning the Grid4All Ontology for resources and markets

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An ontology for the retrieval of Grid Resouces and Services in e-Markets

The ontololgy (and the SIS system) was developed in the context of Grid4ALL Eu-funded IST project.

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HCONE tool for the engineering ontologies

Human-Centered Collaborative Ontology Engineering Environment.

HCONE is an ontology engineering environment that supports the HCOME methodology, developed in the context of a National project.

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SharedHCONE tool for the collaborative engineering ontologies using Semantic Wikis

SharedHCONE was developed in the context of students' final year project.

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AUTOMS tool for the automatic alignment of domain ontologies

Developed in the context of a project funded in the context of my Post-doc research. The tool has been evaluated in the OAEI 2006 international contest (

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Marine Oil Pollution Environmental Ontology

A domain ontology with SWRL rules added.

Obtain from

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